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Preventing Bed Sores 

Preventing Bed Sores

Bedsores are the underlying cause of death of several thousand Americans each year. It is much better to take steps to prevent the bed sores from occurring in the first place, because even if a bed sore heals, there is a good chance it will come back and the costs of treatment including flap surgeries can run tens of thousands of dollars and take month to heal

According to the leading doctors the best way to help prevent bedsores includes:

  • Use a modern medical type mattress with padding.
  • Bed bound patients should be rolled or re-positioned every 1 - 2 hours. 
  • Wheelchair patients should shift his weight every 10 or 15 minutes or reposition once an hour.
  • Increase protein intake of the patient
  • Keep the patient's skin moisturized
  • Use of Water Filled Mattresses or Sheep Skin Pads
  • Use of foam wedges to prevent skin contact between legs or ankle bones

Nursing Home Neglect ? Talk to a Lawyer
If you or a loved one have been the victim of neglect or abuse by a Nursing Home resulting in severe pressure sores, bedsores, septicema, gangrene, sexual assault, rape, infections or their wrongful death, then call and speak to an attorney about your legal rights to a Nursing Home Negligence or Malpractice Lawsuit. Fill out our
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Bedsores, Pressure Sores, Decubitus Ulcers, Bed sores, Photos, Pictures of Bedsores, Treatment, Stages of Bedsores, Septicema, Infections & Nursing Home Deaths. Talk to Nursing Home Neglect Abuse Lawyer about filing a Nursing Home Malpractice lawsuit due to your loved ones bed sores, pressure ulcers, rape, neglect, abuse, assault, malnutrition and/or nursing home death.

No Attorneys Fees or Costs Unless You Recover. - Client is responsible for their own medical expenses.

Do not rely on anything in this site as medical advise. Talk to a Medical Doctor about medical issues and concerns. In cases involving any medical problem including bed sores, pressure sore or ulcer, open sores, infections and wounds, do not wait to speak to a medical professional as these conditions can rapidly worsen and become deadly.

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