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Stage 2 Pressure Sore / Bedsore 

What is a Stage 2 Bed Sore / Pressure Ulcer?

A stage two bed sore is a superficial open sore in the upper layer of skin. The bed sore may look like a blister, abrasion (scrape), or shallow crater. A stage 2 bedsore involves skin loss of the epidermis, dermis, or both. A stage 2 pressure ulcer is superficial with a pale pink wound bed and serous (never serosanguinous) drainage and present itself as an abrasion or blister or shallow crater. 

A stage 2 pressure sore is in an area of pressure, usually over a bony prominence. This does not include a skin tear, tape burn, rash or excoriation. Blood flow in the area of a Stage 2 bedsore is reduced due to the pressure area and can eventually cause tissue cell death, skin breakdown and the development of an open wound and can progress to a stage 3 pressure sore without a constant attention and care.

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Stage 2 Bedsore Pictures

Stage 3 Bedsore Pictures

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